Baptisms (Christenings)

Vestry Hour

Vestry Hour takes place on Wednesday evenings between 6:30pm and 7:30pm, when the Rector will be available in the Church for discussions relating to Weddings, Baptisms (sometimes called 'Christenings') and Confirmations.

No appointment is necessary so you can just “drop in” and talk to the Rector regarding arrangements for Baptisms or Weddings. These are the main issues which are usually dealt with in Vestry Hour. You may also wish to discuss the options for Confirmation or the Blessing of a wedding or perhaps the reading of Banns. When the Rector is not available a Church Warden will be present in the Church during Vestry Hour.

(If you are wanting to make arrangements for a funeral, then please discuss this first with the Funeral Director, who will then make contact with the Rector on your behalf.)

What happens during the Christening service?

Your child's baptism will normally take place during the main Sunday service (usually in the morning). This is so that your child can be seen to be joining the family of the Church and be welcomed into membership. In turn the Church will promise to support and pray for you and your child.

The priest will make sure you know where to sit and when you need to move. Some parts of the service will be for the whole congregation to join in, some will be for you and the godparents.

Part of the baptism service will normally take place at the front of the church, but for the baptism itself, parents and godparents are usually be asked by the priest to gather around the font. (The font is a large basin on a pedestal, containing the water for baptism.)

The priest will ask the parents and godparents to make declarations on behalf of the child (see Making decisions and promises).

Making decisions and promises

When you bring your child for baptism, you will be asked to declare publicly on behalf of your child that you believe in God and that you will bring your child up to follow Jesus.

You will be asked to answer, on your child's behalf, that you have decided to turn away from everything which is evil or sinful and instead to turn towards Christ.

The declarations made by you and the child's godparents will be made in front of the church congregation; the local Christian community will promise to support you and pray for you and your child.

For more information, visit the Church of England website: Your Child's Christening